Allor Manufacturing Inc.,

Creator of Durallor Tooled Steel Rolls and Cassettes OEM and Reworks.

New and repaired conveyor chain, Trak Rollers and custom bearings.

Atlas Minerals & Chemicals, Inc.

Mortars, Grouts, Toppings, Coatings,

Membranes, Linings, Tanks, Plastics, and Grating.

Dover Hydraulics Inc,

Inspection and cataloging, repair, and stocking of hydraulic components.

Extreme Machine & Fabricating,

Extreme Machine & Fabricating, Inc. specializes in custom manufacturing, quality control and CNC machining.

We are an international service provider with expert engineering teams and next-generation manufacturing technology.

Sibre, Siegerland Bremsen,

The SIBER Siegerland Bremse GmbH offers project developers, plant builders, crane manufacturers,

plant operators, the heavy industry and manufacturers of wind power systems industrial braking systems

and drive components which are characterized by safety, high quality according to ISO 9001 and longevity.